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I have always loved to travel and do some multiple media. I like using my DC to capture every wonderful thing when travelling. I have created this website that I hope it will be our platform to share our every fantastic trip and amazing experience through our photos, videos, travel tips and travelogues. I dream of one day being a travel writer myself. You are always welcome to click in and get in my dream to share my travel experience, not until I am lucky enough to be paid to travel as a professional traveler.

電郵地址 Email Address: jrstation2007@gmail.com

我的Blogger: http://raymondbullshit.blogspot.hk/


另一個 酷愛旅行及喜歡攝影(用傳統菲林單眼機)的人,同時是一個不多說話的人,所以建立這 個網站時,只是在背後默默支持;志願是做全職旅遊人背後的女人 (在背後發師號令),一世跟著職業旅遊人到處玩樂,最緊要是不用動腦筋,只全心全意的去玩。

I am also a keen traveler, but I love the traditional film photography more than the digital one. When Raymond came up with the idea of this personal travel website, I had my full spiritual support of him. It is always good of being a “commander”, then the so-called professional traveler will take me to destinations I want to go without me paying effort. Ha...Ha...Ha. They are all experiences we cherish. Relax and enjoy.

電郵地址 Email Address: jrstation2007@gmail.com

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